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Blissy Pillowcase They Are Hailed Using Splendor Specialists And

Silk pillowcases are one in all the most important and most popular trends taking the sector by means of typhoon in the mean time. They are hailed by using splendor specialists and hair experts alike for more than a few blessings.

We all understand how a good deal we want our beauty sleep, and a silk pillowcase definitely makes this a reality. These sorts of pillowcases truly do make a distinction in your midnight ordinary and great of sleep!

The softness way that there’s little or no friction on the face, and consequently less tugging at the skin this means that that the threat of wrinkles and exceptional traces is decreased with silk pillowcases.

In addition, the cloth of the silk does now not soak up a lot moisture as cotton or normal pillowcases do, which certainly makes your pillowcase more hygienic as facial oils and filth are not going into the material.

Not best are silk pillowcases good for the pores and skin, but the hair too. Silk pillowcases are recognized to reduce frizz due to the gentle cloth. Additionally, they help preserve the hair hydrated, much less brittle and do no longer take in moisture from the hair.

Without as a great deal friction, you’ll never awaken searching like you had been dragged via a hedge again!

Also, silk pillowcases can assist to modify temperature and preserve you cooler at night time for a higher, more relaxed, and less disturbed sleep.

One of the most important shops of silk pillowcases nowadays is a brand referred to as Blissy. We are right here to review the agency, Blissy and it’s merchandise to assist you to recognise if it’s miles really worth the hype, and whether or not silk pillowcases are worth shopping for!

What Is Blissy?

Blissy is a logo that sells 100% mulberry silk pillowcases and sleep mask for all people that desires to gain the blessings of slumbering with silk.

As we recognise, silk pillowcases permit for a better night time’s sleep, and much less hair damage, at the same time as defensive the pores and skin and fighting wrinkles. The company is all approximately well-being, self-care and making sure which you get the satisfactory great sleep and relaxation.

Blissy offers a range of silk products, but the bestsellers are the silk pillowcases, eye mask and hair scrunchies.

The emblem, Blissy itself has turn out to be international famend for its silk merchandise, and is one in every of the most important names within the enterprise these days.

Blissy has even been featured in Glamour, Essence, and Shape for its range of silk products, and is cherished by hairstylists, beauty authorities and dermatologists throughout the globe.

With over 59K fans on Instagram, and 210K likes on Facebook, it comes as no surprise that Blissy is one of the frontrunners inside the silk pillowcase game.

Blissy Evaluation

Blissy is a surprisingly young agency, having been based in 2017, through Edgar Babayan and Vahe Haroutounian in Burbank, California.

The enterprise strived to create the satisfactory silk pillowcase that money should purchase, claiming: ‘We just wanted to dream once more.’

Blissy states that the founders questioned why your hair needs to be a multitude while you awaken, why your allergic reactions act up in mattress, and why your pores and skin receives damaged whilst you sleep. The solution? Blissy Pillowcases.

The corporation created a a hundred% natural mulberry silk pillowcase made from only the very best satisfactory silk substances.

Blissy says that supermodels, hair stylists, splendor professionals and dermatologists all agree that silk pillowcases are the manner forward, and so the company turned into born!

So, let’s kickstart this overview and see what all the fuss is about, and if you really need this pillowcase in your property. To start us off, permit’s check some of the pros and cons of the pillowcases.


  • Made of finest pleasant silk
  • Handcrafted
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cooler to sleep on
  • Better for skin and hair
  • No frizz when you awaken
  • Lots of superb remarks
  • Always bargain codes to be had
  • Free 60 day returns


  • Silk may be slippery
  • Prices may be highly-priced
  • 60 day go back simplest applies if unused

Overall, Blissy pillowcases are all about optimizing your sleep, making you experience better, and improving no longer simplest your quality of sleep, but your hair and skin, too.

Most of Blissy’s merchandise are designed to give you the great hazard of an awesome sleep, with at ease pillowcases, hair scrunchies, and sleep mask which will use.

The fabrics used for Blissy merchandise are best one hundred% pure mulberry silk, which could be very exceptional, luxurious and top notch, making it desirable for the hair and skin. These merchandise are designed to be kinder to your skin, and a first-rate alternative to similar cotton merchandise.

As the fabric is of the highest first-rate, you could anticipate the charges to be better. However, Blissy do provide lots of promotions very regularly, and offer installment bills through Quadpay.

To help you decide if these merchandise are proper for you, we can check some of the bestselling merchandise and evaluate them!

Why You Must Believe US?

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively checking out and studying the best well-being merchandise, inclusive of Blissy. Our aim is to find the first-class brands who care approximately your properly-being and help human beings live higher lives. We compare products based on their high-quality, effectiveness and customer service.

We frequently ask ourselves a simple question: could we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our own family and pals? This evaluate is reviewed and thoroughly vetted with the aid of Amy Bells, our in-residence well-being and self-care expert and product tester herself!

How We Tested Blissy

Celebrities and influencers had been speakme about silk pillowcases for years now, so when I heard about Blissy and all of their quite rated products, I thought I need to eventually make the soar to a silkier night time 😴

I bought a Blissy Dream Set in gold. The rate become a bit eye opening, but for better pores and skin and hair every morning, I determined to devote.

In my package I acquired a silk pillowcase, a nap mask, a scrunchie and a thin scrunchie. I then also purchased a face masks every and a Sleep and Pillow mist as well to get a full assessment of the logo.

That night, I settled down into bed, my head rested on a buttery gentle pillowcase. I covered my eyes with my sleep mask and tied my hair up in the scrunchie. 🧖‍♀️

The scrunchies are a bit slippery on directly hair and therefore didn’t paintings the great for me. I kept waking up inside the morning with my hair anywhere and the scrunchie nowhere to be visible.

The sleep mask changed into relaxed and no longer too restrictive, and it blocked loads of light out. Personally, I don’t truly like the use of sleep masks, but I can see how people who need to block mild out would really like this one. It became so smooth and gentle on my pores and skin.

The pillowcase itself turned into first rate. 🤩 It become so tender, it felt like I changed into actually sound asleep on clouds. I also noticed that my hair changed into shinier and easier to control in the mornings, and my skin was freed from harsh indents and redness.

Pair the silk pillowcase with the Sleep Mist and you’ve your self a dream sleep! 🥰 The mist is lavender and eucalyptus scented, and no longer too strong to give you a headache. I very well loved the mist, and will actually be buying it for all of my buddies! 👯‍♀️

Finally, the face mask became also adorable and gentle. It barely felt like there was anything on my face as I wore it. They’re safe, breathable, splendid to examine, and accurate in your skin – what’s no longer to love? 😍

Blissy Silk Pillowcases

When we communicate about Blissy, the silk pillowcase will arise time and time once more, and it’s far no surprise as that is their primary best promoting product, and one of the most popular items available.

Blissy silk pillowcases are renowned for his or her ability to help you sleep higher at night time, improve your wellness, hold you cooler, while protective your pores and skin from micro organism, strains and wrinkles.

Even greater so, silk pillowcases are ideal for maintaining your hair frizz loose, mess unfastened and untangled throughout the night time for an clean morning routine, too.

At night time, your frame is meant to loosen up, and repair your skin, hair and any ailments overnight, and Blissy facilitates make this happen with their terrific silk pillowcases.

The Blissy silk pillowcases are crafted from a hundred% pure mulberry silk, whereas other manufacturers may be made from inexpensive substances. The Blissy silk pillowcase is made from 22-Momme silk, that’s the highest first-class you may locate, and really nice indeed.

In addition to its refined nature, Blissy’s silk pillowcases have undergone a whole lot of testing to make sure that they last as long as they promise.

As a end result, these pillowcases are smooth to touch, but also relatively durable and capable of face up to system washing. They are also Oeko-Tex licensed, which proves that they’re non-poisonous, secure and eco-friendly, so what’s no longer to love?

You can purchase a silk pillowcase in a variety of colours to fit your style, from Gold, Pink, White, Black, Marble, Blue, Plum, Red, Silver, Gray, Champagne, Matcha, Tie-Dye and plenty of different styles.

Blissy Sleep Masks

If you’re anything like us, you then simply should sleep in complete darkness, or there’s no risk of you drowsing in any respect. This is why sleep mask have come to be so famous! The Blissy sleep mask simply are exceptional for an excellent night’s sleep.

This is every so often due to the fact they’re too tight on the face, and may sense like your eyes are stuck shut! The Blissy sleep masks is different as it’s miles lots greater breathable, relaxed, and hypo-allergenic!

With a secure suit on the eyes, and a cooling impact, you can block out the light and sleep actually everywhere.

Trust us in this one, if you travel a lot, otherwise you war to go to sleep on public transport, planes and in bed, then a Blissy sleep masks becomes your new great buddy.

The Blissy sleep masks is best for ensuring that no illuminatory gadgets wake you up, whether or not it is the daylight, shiny street lamps, or your accomplice waking up and turning the lights on!

This also works to make certain that you get a better sleep, as your REM sleep cycle is now not disturbed or interrupted.

As with all Blissy products, the Sleep masks also are made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, and so it’s far smooth at the pores and skin, clean to the touch, and best for sensitive pores and skin because it in no way snags, pulls or tightens across the skin.

This additionally guarantees that the areas around your eyes are protected, and much less probable to shape excellent lines and wrinkles.

What we additionally love approximately these sleep masks is that they’re so breathable and hypoallergenic, so there will be no watery eyes with Blissy!

They also are available a diffusion of various colorings to pick out from together with Champagne, Blue, Gold, Silver, White, Pink, Black, Marble, Red, Burgundy, Rose Gold and lots of greater.

They also include a touch journey bag to keep it safe, and so you can take it anywhere with you!

What Is a Blissy Pillowcase?

Blissy is a emblem that sells merchandise crafted from 100% mulberry silk. The tale at the back of the Blissy emblem is that they desired a brand new manner to get a top notch night’s sleep.

The founders regularly puzzled ‘What in case you didn’t awaken feeling worse than you probably did earlier than you slept? All we desired to do became dream again. So we did exactly that…’ and they dreamed up Blissy merchandise.

The important and bestselling merchandise are the silk pillowcases, scrunchies and eye masks. These pillowcases are designed for higher sleep, consolation, and are of a better satisfactory than ordinary pillowcases.

They are produced from top class first-rate silk, so that they’re softer on the skin, kinder on the hair and plenty cooler to sleep on, giving you your satisfactory hazard of a great night time’s sleep.

Why Are Silk Pillowcases Higher?

Silk pillowcases are acknowledged for more than a few advantages. For humans with zits, the silk is plenty smoother and hygienic for the skin, and might help limit friction and damage. This can also improve the skin and look of exceptional lines and wrinkles.

This is due to the smooth floor of the pillowcase that’s much less likely to absorb moisture from the hair, or purpose snagging. This also outcomes in less frizz and bushy-ness in the morning, that is always a plus!

How Do I Wash My Blissy Silk Pillowcase?

Even though Blissy products are made from silk, the pillowcases are absolutely washing machine safe, but you ought to take care. It is excellent to clean in a sensitive setting, and with more interest than ordinary pillowcases.

Try to wash it on a delicate putting, and use cool water with mild detergent. We do recommend which you location your silk Blissy merchandise in a mesh laundry bag to save you them from getting snagged or broken.

Can I Tune My Blissy Order?

Once you make your Blissy order, you will be sent a affirmation e-mail with a monitoring wide variety. You can then use this monitoring quantity to peer the fame of your order, whether or not it has been despatched, shipped and delivered.