Ultra Versatile and Portable

Ultra Versatile and Portable – For each edge of your Home. :- From your family room to the washroom, from anterooms to kitchen there is a size accessible for every one of your needs. It is Non-Electric, Portable and has a cool standee structure for simple arrangement and hanging. It goes inside your vehicle, sits close to the dustbin or fits inside your shoes – Think of unlimited ways you can utilize the demonstrated intensity of Activated Charcoal.

Best Quality, Ideal Technology with Money Back Guarantee. :- Vayu Natural accompanies the best quality Organic, Pharma-grade Bamboo Charcoal, Activated Carbon Cloth and Luxury Linen Exterior. These are deductively demonstrated and tried as the best and suggested elements for an initiated charcoal air sanitizing pack. Get the best execution from the best air sanitizing sack that you merit !

It is realized that a large portion of the wellbeing challenges like Allergies, Common Cold, Headaches are sourced from defiled air. Information clearly uncovers that micropollutants like germs, microorganisms, infections, molds, parasite etc.cause undeniably more harm than bigger particles.

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